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Why Insigne?

Insigne symbolises artistry. We bring to you an eclectic array of carpets from traditional Persian hand knotted carpets to modern computerised yarn placement boardroom carpets. We pride ourselves in taking up the dual challenge of being not only product manufacturers but service providers too. With an exhaustive collection of designs our customers are spoilt for choice, which is why our team of dedicated planners and analysts assist you at each step from selection to hassle free installation.

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Insigne Mills

From the CEO's desk

It was 1988 I was a fresh Science Graduate from Calcutta University and was roaming around the city with my C V looking for a job. I was ready to do anything and everything. It was after 4 Months of running between pillar and post one afternoon I was looking at Large Size Carpets through the clear glass of a most renowned rug store at Park Street that time in Calcutta.

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The History of Carpet

The evolution of carpeting has been affected by social, economical and fashion pressures. Developments in man-made fibres, loom widths and machine efficiencies brought carpets within reach of the mass market. Fashions for seamless square and then seamless close-cover carpet helped introduce wider looms. Investigation into thermal and acoustical requirements led to fitted carpets in public buildings, shops and offices.

Solution to your carpeting needs during a global pandemic and an economic crisis

-A road map for user-centric solutions from design to execution. The world is hitting its Pause and Reset button. Businesses all across are restructuring their game plan. International travel bans and reduced domestic travel might be the new normal for the coming few months. This means, airlines, hospitality and entertainment sectors are taking the biggest hit.